Do HOAs Handle Pets in a Community? A Guide for Charlotte, NC, Communities

Do HOAs Handle Pets in a Community? A Guide for Charlotte, NC, Communities

At least 58.6% of North Carolina households have at least one pet. With more and more people moving into planned communities, it's important to inquire about the rules regarding pets in a community before you buy.

Are there pet breeds or pet weight limits? Are there pet limits? Does the homeowners association board require pet registration?

A Charlotte, NC, community HOA can set a pet policy for the neighborhood. Please keep reading this guide to learn how policies are navigated and enforced.

Why Establish Rules Regarding Pets in a Community?

Establishing pet rules in the community is not to make HOA members' lives more difficult. The rules are in place to keep things copacetic in the community.

Having pet limits and excluding dangerous pet breeds helps to keep everyone safe and happy in the neighborhood. Pet policies also aim to keep the neighborhood looking good.

Common Examples of HOA Pet Policy Rules

If your HOA board allows pets, it is important to create and enforce rules that everyone in the neighborhood must follow. Let's take a look at some common examples.

Pet Registration

The HOA may require pet owners to register their pets with the management company. In order to enforce pet limits and any other pet prohibitions, they'll need to know how many pets are in the neighborhood.

Some HOAs may require residents to submit a pet application upon move-in or in cases where an HOA member decides to get a new dog or cat.

Pet Waste

The HOA pet policy will include rules about pet elimination. Pet owners should keep their front yards and all common grounds free of pet waste. Not only is it unsightly, it can lead to the spread of disease. This could be a public health issue.

The rule should state that all pet owners are to clean up and properly dispose of their pet's waste immediately. The HOA board might choose to provide pet stations equipped with bags and trashcans.

Pet Leashing Policy

The HOA might mandate that every pet is on a leash when walking around the community. Leash laws keep both neighbors and pets safe while moving about the neighborhood.

Your community may choose to establish designated pet areas like a dog park. While visiting the park, dogs are allowed off-leash and can run around freely.

Number and Size Limits

The HOA may limit the number of pets one can have and also put size limits on dogs. This is more common in condo buildings than in communities with single-family homes.

Creating a Policy for Pets in a Community

Homeowners associations take on the responsibility of creating and managing policies regarding pets in a community. Some neighborhoods choose to ban pets altogether, but it's better to allow them as they are often an integral part of the family. But it's important to have a clear, established pet policy.

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