4 Responsibilities of an HOA Board Member in Charlotte, North Carolina

4 Responsibilities of an HOA Board Member in Charlotte, North Carolina

When you live in an HOA, you have access to things that the average homeowner doesn't have.

The nearly 74 million Americans who live in HOAs get to enjoy great property values, amenities, upkeep, and a general sense of community. All of this comes when there's a high-quality HOA board at the helm. These boards are made up of homeowners who volunteer because they care.

Whether you're thinking of buying into an HOA or joining your HOA board, you might be wondering what HOA board members have to do. Keep reading, because in today's post, we'll tell you 4 responsibilities of an HOA board member in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. HOA Budgeting

HOA members must pay monthly HOA dues in order to live in the community. These payments filter back into the community to pay for things like amenities, maintenance, and other special projects. If there's not a carefully constructed budget in place, homeowners will be left wondering where their money goes.

The budget is important because there always needs to be a reserve of money available when emergencies arise. It's also important for the board's ability to improve the community with things like new sidewalks, parks, and other amenities that improve the quality of life for everyone.

2. HOA Maintenance

Maintenance in these kinds of communities is a neverending task. The common areas need to be well kept so that the community remains a desirable place to live and property values stay high. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of vendors to maintain an entire community.

A huge responsibility for the HOA board is dealing with vendor contracts and coordinating services. Things like landscaping, garbage and recycling pickup, and pool cleaning are all essential. The HOA board ensures that everything is done in a timely manner for the best price possible.

3. Upholding Regulations

Anytime you've got dozens of people living in the same community with the same rules and regulations, you'll end up with issues. Certain people might not agree with the rules set out by the board, in which case, the HOA board will have to step in.

They'll also need to help resolve any disputes between homeowners. If one neighbor is making too much noise or failing to perform their own maintenance, the board must mediate the conflict and create better harmony in the community.

4. Community Engagement

In order for every voice in the community to be heard, HOAs will usually have annual meetings for members. Here, they'll discuss budgeting, propose projects for the year, and hear out any concerns community members might have.

In addition, the HOA board of directors will hold more frequent meetings to discuss the matters at hand. This is how things move along efficiently in an HOA, allowing it to thrive.

Does Your HOA Board Need Help?

These are the primary responsibilities of an HOA board to its community. If you feel that your HOA board isn't fulfilling these duties, it might be time to hire an association manager to help out.

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