What Is an Owner Portal and How Can Charlotte Property Owners Benefit?

What Is an Owner Portal and How Can Charlotte Property Owners Benefit?

The life of a typical landlord is busy and stressful. You have a list of tasks to complete every week, and you may wonder how to improve your business operations.

The answer is to create an owner portal.

Many Charlotte landlords are turning to owner portals today. They simplify things and help you save time.

Continue reading to learn what an owner portal is and how it can benefit you.

What Is an Owner Portal?

An owner portal is an online tool landlords use. It provides information relating to the management duties of their properties. Landlords use these when they outsource their property management.

The owner portal provides the information you want to know about your properties. You can log into it whenever you want to see vital information about your business.

The owner portal is not the same as a tenant portal. A tenant portal is a platform tenants use to pay rent or make maintenance requests. A property manager also manages this platform and uses it in several ways.

What Are the Benefits of Having One?

You'll benefit greatly by having an owner portal if you outsource your property management. Here are some of the benefits:

Access to Financial Activity

The owner portal is your access to your company's finances. You can view the portal to see your recent rental income and expenses. You can use it to track expenses and repairs.

The portal gives you access to all your financial activity. This helps you stay informed of your financial situation.

Updates on Tenant Occupancy

You can also see information about your tenant retention and occupancy. You can see any recent evictions and learn how well the property management firm keeps your units occupied.

The portal may also include information about the marketing activities the firm uses for vacant apartments. You'll also find lease renewal details on the owner portal.

Knowledge on Updates

The portal also reveals recent work orders and repair requests. You can see repairs requested by tenants or those the property manager requests.

It shows how many people have filled out rental applications. It may also reveal if the property manager is planning routine maintenance.

How Do You Get One?

You won't need an owner portal if you manage your properties yourself. You'll already have access to all this information.

When you hire a property manager or HOA management firm, they'll offer an owner portal. If you decide you want one, they'll set it up.

Then, they'll use this platform to notify you of all your business dealings.

Learn More About Property Management Services

Property management services are extremely helpful for Charlotte landlords. A property manager can create an owner portal for your business. They can also manage your tenant relations, screenings, and property maintenance.

Are you ready to reduce your workload and simplify your business?

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